2023 Leadership Ranking Released by Indiggo in Partnership with Fortune: The ROL100™

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Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at 12:10pm UTC

2023 Leadership Ranking Released by Indiggo in Partnership with Fortune: The ROL100™

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How did companies like Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Tesla, and Amazon rank this year on ReturnOnLeadership®?

BETHESDA, Md., June 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Indiggo, in partnership with Fortune, announced the 3rd annual ROL100™ Ranking.

ROL® is a key indicator of how well a company is positioned for future success. Top ROL100™ companies outperform on financial KPIs.

The ROL100™ Ranking captures the ReturnOnLeadership® of the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500.

ReturnOnLeadership® (ROL®) is a groundbreaking leadership metric that drives and measures key predictors of successful execution and transformation for today's enterprises. 

The top-ranked companies for 2023 include Microsoft (#1), Thermo Fisher Scientific (#4), UPS (#10), and General Electric (#23). The biggest gainers from the 2022 ranking include IBM (up 60), Verizon (up 38), Deere (up 28), and ExxonMobil (up 26).

This year's insights reinforce the powerful predictive nature of ROL®: Analysis of the top-quartile companies from all three years of the ROL100™ ranking indicates that companies that rank high on ROL® significantly outperform companies that don't, across critical outcomes, including (1) financial results, (2) employee ratings, and (3) ESG rankings.

  • ROL100™ leaders outperform financially: the top-quartile companies from each year of the ranking are significantly outperforming on 2023 EBITDA/employee and ROIC.
  • ROL100™ leaders outperform on employee ratings: the ROL® leaders are rated more positively, with happier employees who are more likely to recommend their employer.
  • ROL100™ leaders outperform on ESG: the top-quartile companies from each year of the ranking are significantly more likely to have above-average 2023 MSCI ESG Ratings and Just Capital Rankings.

"There is no greater influence on success or failure than the management population of an organization, yet there have been no forward-looking leadership execution metrics to help leaders to navigate the ongoing change that is the new enterprise reality," said Janeen Gelbart, CEO & co-founder of Indiggo. 

Gelbart continues, "As these insights reinforce, it is critical to look at what was previously unmeasurable and unmanageable. How connected is action to purpose, how clear is your strategic focus, how aligned are your leaders on current focus areas, and is action being taken on what will create the most value? These are big challenges that are very difficult to solve sustainably at scale. We are extremely excited about the power of ReturnOnLeadership® as a pathway to remove these hurdles to successful transformation and ongoing value creation."

ReturnOnLeadership® is based on four fundamentals:

  1. Connection to Purpose
  2. Strategic Clarity
  3. Leadership Alignment
  4. Focused Action

To calculate the ROL100™ Ranking, the four fundamentals were evaluated by a team of experts, leveraging AI, and based on information publicly available to all stakeholders.

To see the 2023 ROL100™ Ranking, visit: https://rol100.indiggo.ai/ranking.

About Indiggo
Indiggo is the creator of ReturnOnLeadership®, a framework forged through 20 years of global strategy and leadership expertise. This framework powers the ROL100™ Ranking and the Al-driven ROL® tech solution that activates and measures the momentum of change. Built to diminish risk and increase success of critical imperatives, the ROL® platform gives leaders and managers at every level a pathway to sustainable value creation. Indiggo's purpose is Unleashing Purposeful Leadership.

To learn about Indiggo, visit indiggo.ai.

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